Why would you book with Team Trips?

Here are a few reasons to consider why Team Trips are the best for booking your next Team Trip, it may also explain why thousands of people go on a Team Trip organised trip every year.


Team Trips has over 9 years experience planning group trips all over Australia and Internationally, with strong positive customer feedback and hundreds of personal testimonials to show what our customers think of our services.

Total Customisation

Everything we do is totally customised to meet your exact needs. All our quotes contain an extremely high level of detail about everything needed in your package, so you know exactly what’s happening.

We know how to jazz things up

We pride ourselves in customising each and every group booking to suit your group’s exact requirements, we also know how important the unique and special touches are, so don’t worry about that we know how to make your trip an incredible one using the best suppliers.

We only use top shelf suppliers, and we test them all

There’s nothing worse then ordering a Vodka soda to find the Vodka watered down, so here our Team Trips crew only use the best suppliers all over Australia. We refuse to work with second shelf suppliers who can not provide a high level of service.
We take the time to test each activity and supplier (fun right?!) to ensure you guys have the best of the best.

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